Here is an example from Shades of Grey, that expertly shows how you can use formulas in the Family Editor. The Author uses a louver family as his teaching tool, and shows how he uses Trigonometry to get the results he needs. I’m not certain I’ll ever forget SOH CAH…

Array Families

Here’s a good little guide from Revit Beginners It touches on Arrayed Families, Nested Families, Shared Parameters, and formulas. We used a variation on this technique to build our Line Component for our Egress Plans, to denote the difference between Fire Barriers, Smoke Barriers, etc. Try it out!

What What Butt Glazing

SSG Mullions.  I’ve been asked a few times how to model mullions that are behind the glazing, achieving “butt glazing”. For speed and efficiency, I usually just refer would-be knowledge seekers to a mullion family I built for SPHS. The Revit Kid has provided me with an alternative.  Video Tutorials!  Now…

Wall Hosted Elements

Has this happened to your before? You have a Wall Hosted Family.  In the family editor, everything looks great, but when you bring it into your project, the object ends up inside the wall.  You spend 5 minutes trying to figure out the problem, align, lock, dim, lock, but then…

Pin Trick

Steve’s post on Revit OpEd is authored for Revit MEP, but could still be useful for our office. It’s all about the trouble using paste-aligned on face-based families, and how to work around it.

Family Building 101

Saint Louis Revit User Group (STLRUG) came up with a nice handout about Creating Revit Families.