Tagging and Noting 3D Views by the Revit Kid

Why aren’t we doing more 3D Views in our documentation?  You should be doing more 3D Views in your documentation. The Revit Kid shares how to annotate a 3D View:  

Dim Circle to Circle, Arc to Arc

How prophetic L’Enfant was when he laid out Washington as a city that goes around in circles! -John Mason Brown RevitOpEd has found a clever way to dimension between Concentric Circles.  Check it out.

By My Linked View? By YOUR Linked View!

  Imagine this scenario: You have modeled Topography, but it’s not in the Building File.  You decide that you want to Link the topography model into the Building Model. Good idea.   After Linking In the Topography Model, you quickly realize that your Contour Labels are gone. Oh no!  …

Dimension String Types – An Explainer

Revit OpEd explains the difference between Continuous, Baseline, and Ordinate Dimension String Types in the Dimension Style Type Properties. You most likely should be using Continuous. Put this in the category of things you probably shouldn’t touch…

Auto Dimensioning (Read: Soon Robots Will Take Your Job)

Dimensioning Plans.  Few things are more tedious in our field. Autodesk, in all their wisdom, have tried to make things a little easier. There is a hidden/little-known feature called “Auto Dimension” Start Dimensioning like you normally would Before you start clicking on walls, take a look at what options are…

Roaming Elevation Tags

  Someone asked me if Revit 2014 Fixed the fact that when you move an elevation tag, it moves it in all of the views. Short Answer: No Long Answer: Noooooooooooooooooooo

Keynote Judgement

Ever wonder if a keynote is an Element Keynote or a User Keynote in your details? If you’re doing things the  right way, 95% of your keynotes should be an Element Keynote.  If you don’t like the game of chance, or have been detailing poorly, you can check its properties.…