Revit Blooper


Take a moment and look at this image.


How many errors can you spot quickly?

Time for some public shaming.  No worries, those who committed these crimes are long gone.  This project has sat on the shelf for 2+ years, and now we’re quickly trying to finish it up.

That wall with a tile pattern is a .jpg.  See that view title below it?  That’s also part of the .jpg.

The location of the original .jpg is completely lost.  It’s origin takes you back to a personal folder, rather than from somewhere on the server.  So, it’s gone.  There’s no editing it.

You can’t even change the view title.

And it’s not even a good .jpg.  Look at it!  It’s somehow much larger than the actual image.  Off the sheet, causing printing problem.

Here’s my best theory of what happened:

Someone exported this blank wall, along with the view title, to open it in Adobe Illustrator.  This person felt more comfortable generating this pattern with that program, rather than Revit.  I guess that’s ok, but since they’re using AI, wouldn’t you think it would make sense to bring it back in as a vector file, and not a .jpg?  A .dwg would have been perfectly fine.  The biggest mistake?  Putting this image in your personal folder.  This person knew he was a temp employee.

How did we fix it?

We created another .jpg that was a white background only.  We put that image above the wall image to cover up the view title.  We exported the view as an image.  We needed to represent the other side of the wall.  So we took that exported image, and cut some more holes in it.

This is an awful fix; however, the deadline was drawing nigh.

The best answer would have been to redraw it, correctly.




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