By My Linked View? By YOUR Linked View!


Imagine this scenario:

You have modeled Topography, but it’s not in the Building File.  You decide that you want to Link the topography model into the Building Model.

Good idea.



After Linking In the Topography Model, you quickly realize that your Contour Labels are gone.

Oh no!



That’s OK you say, those were Annotation objects, I’ll just Tag them again.

What’s this?


label contours


You say I cannot?!?!  You start to freak out, realizing that you have to copy in the topography from the link, and do away with your initial good idea.

But hold on…

You take a deep breath…

Visibility Settings


Select the Topography Model’s Display Settings

by linked view

Select “By Linked View”.  Select the Linked View that contains the contour labels.

finished contours

And there are the Contour Labels!  Yay!

There are other user applications of this method, see what else you can come up with.







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