Insert from File. AKA Legit Stealing from Other Projects.

Just wanted to remind everyone that this functionality exists:


Did you make a killer schedule in one job that you want to use on another job?  Or did someone else make a sweet schedule that you want to borrow for your own job?  Were the typical details updated in the office template after you started your project?

Use this functionality to steal/borrow/rob/lift sheets, schedules and drafting views from other project files.

insertviewsfromfileThe second option, Insert 2D Elements from File, I have never tested.  The claim is that you can copy annotative objects and put them in other detail views.  That’s easy enough, except it’s supposed to map to similar host model geometry.  It sounds as if it would only work well 10% of the time.

If anyone can confirm the use of this, let me know.




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