Irregular Crop Regions (Part II)

The problem that inspired my last post got me thinking about a problem I had on my own project a few months ago.

I had cartooned out the entire set of drawings near the beginning of DD.  When printed for our 50% DD Pricing Set, I found that some of the PDF Files came out astronomically large, and some Sheets wouldn’t print to PDF and would freeze Revit entirely.

By the laws of deduction, I concluded that it was due to Irregular Crop Regions (strikes again!)

Sheets that wouldn’t print to PDF at all, had crop regions that looked like this:


And PDF’s that ended up being 1,000x larger than usual contained Crop Regions that look like this:



This great new feature in Revit has a flaw.  However the program is processing these irregular crop regions in the background, it’s causing PDF files to explode in size.  You may not notice it on small jobs, because the file sizes, while larger than normal, may not be large enough to notice.  Try it for yourself.

This being a high school project, the Revit File is very large and contains a multitude of information.  Sheets that were able to print to PDF, after being allowed to process, were coming out to be 250mb+ in size (Typically 250kb).  The ones that were unable to print to PDF, I’m sure if we let the computer finish processing, that we would get PDF’s in the 1gb+ range.

This makes this tool downright unusable.

It’s best just to pretend that this feature was never released by Autodesk, and to go back to using Masking Regions and Dummy Tags.


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