Irregular Crop Regions (Part I)

Encountered a problem yesterday on a project in this office.

Someone was trying to send a half-size set to the printer.  All of the sheets printed just fine, except for one.

In this one sheet, all of the annotative elements were visible, but no modeled elements were showing up.

Screenshot_061014_073519_AMWhat could be different about this one view, which happened to have the same view template of the other views in its series?

Printing to PDF worked fine.  Printing with Raster Processing was OK.  So, we had workarounds…but I still wanted to know why.

After going through my typical troubleshooting routine, I stumbled upon this:



I selected the viewport and noticed that the “Reset Crop” tool was active.  This only is available if you have edited the crop region in any way.

Screenshot_061014_073934_AMAbove shows the outline of the viewport.

Once I reset the crop region to a simple rectangle, I was able to print the sheet that contained this view normally.

While having irregular crop regions in your project does not always cause problems like this, it is possible, and should be checked as you troubleshoot your own models.



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