Drones and Revit

Well, this is awesome… I volunteer to test this out for our office

Google Earth Terrain in Revit

Ever wish that you could quickly import Google Earth Terrain into Revit, just as you would for SketchUp? There’s an app for that. Or an add-in, rather. Close Revit. Click HERE to install from within the office. Click HERE to install from outside the office (requires autodesk login) Select Add-Ins…

Wall Hosted Elements

Has this happened to your before? You have a Wall Hosted Family.  In the family editor, everything looks great, but when you bring it into your project, the object ends up inside the wall.  You spend 5 minutes trying to figure out the problem, align, lock, dim, lock, but then…

Pin Trick

Steve’s post on Revit OpEd is authored for Revit MEP, but could still be useful for our office. It’s all about the trouble using paste-aligned on face-based families, and how to work around it.

Irregular Crop Regions (Part II)

The problem that inspired my last post got me thinking about a problem I had on my own project a few months ago. I had cartooned out the entire set of drawings near the beginning of DD.  When printed for our 50% DD Pricing Set, I found that some of…

Irregular Crop Regions (Part I)

Encountered a problem yesterday on a project in this office. Someone was trying to send a half-size set to the printer.  All of the sheets printed just fine, except for one. In this one sheet, all of the annotative elements were visible, but no modeled elements were showing up. What could…

Hello world!

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