TAB Back

Wax on, wax off. Same concept with pushing TAB to cycle through selection items.  If you’re TABbing along trying to select a specific element, and as it’s cycling along between 10 different items, your mind drifts to what the lunch will be at today’s lunch and learn.  TAB, TAB, TAB….dang…

New in Revit 2014: Change Join Order

David Light found this one. If you’re like me, you have wasted time with trying to get elements to join correctly.   Hopefully, this new feature will help.

Keep it Shorter

Also from Mark B To add to the last post, try making the same shortcuts for each of these: AV: for both “Activate View” and “Deactivate View” This allows you to easily toggle views on and off on a sheet.  No more right click and hunt for the command. Instead…

Keep it Short

Remember those AutoCAD gurus who worked without any toolbars on their screen?  Drafting by shortcuts alone. I am lazy.  So naturally, I am a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts, and highly recommend THESE for Revit.  The less I have to move my hand on the mouse, the better.    

Why Won’t It Cut?

The Revit Kid has one relevant to a problem we had just yesterday. In our example, someone was cutting a building section that cut through a Model-In Place Special Equipment Family.  It wasn’t displaying properly.  It was showing the entire elevation of the family. As The Revit Kid points out, there…

All About Shared Coordinates

Very good information by Steve Stafford at RevitOpEd He goes over Shared Coordinates for both large and small projects in depth.  I recommend all Revit Model managers read this when they get some spare time.  This will go a long way in saving you headaches down the road.